Major BOS 2b2


Major BOS 2b2 is identical to Major BOS 2a2, except that Major BOS 2b2 has an additional internal connection board making it largely compatible to Major BOS 4a and 8a. The most important difference is found in the PTT output which always switches to 12 V in Major BOS 2b2 while the polarity can be chosen for Major BOS 4a and 8a.
Most of the working parameters can be configured via a computer using the programming software.

Regarding functionality and connector pin assignment, Major BOS 2b2 compatible to Major BOS

Of course, there are several changes and new features:
    • electrical, programmable potentiometers have replaced the analogous
    • programmable registers instead of jumpers
    • programmable headset volume
    • programmable amplification of the audio inputs from radio
    • noise suppression for the inputs from radio
    • tunable minimum volume for single radio circuits and tunable minimum overall volume
    • AF settings (mute, listening, max. volume) can be adjusted separately for earpiece, loudspeaker, and tape
    • software option “NF-Squelch” (AF squelch)
    • software option “Encoder/Decoder” permitted for up to four radio circuits
    • flashing squelch LED and alarm tone on decoding of a call (call 1, call 2)

    Quattro circuiti radio con possibilità di collegare i P.O. in parallelo e/o in cascata.