FT 636B


The FT636B IP Interface comes into play, if one or two radio base stations are to be remote controlled. The device will provide two ethernet ports (planned, currently just one) and will connect to up to eight remote stations/consoles per ethernet port. This can be used for redundancy purposes (up to eight connections via different network paths) or for a total number of up to 16 remote consoles.
Audio signals and control signals are converted to IP data packets and transported via local network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or internet to the remote station. Using VoIP (Voice over IP) and RoIP (Radio over IP) technology practically unlimited distances can be covered.



  • Support of up to 2 radio base stations
    AF In/Out (transformer balanced), 2-wire or multi-wire
    PTT output (potential free ralais output)
    Squelch input
  • 2 independent RS232
    Remote transmission of data
    Radio control
  • 16 swithing inputs/outputs
  • Two (planned) ethernet network ports
    supporting up to 8 remote stations
  • Pilot signal decoder, encoder and filter
  • Tone sequence decoder and encoder
  • Web intereace for configuration via Internet Explorer, Firefox, …
  • Option
    FMS/FFSK decoder and encoder

The FT636B IP Interface is available in two different housings.
– black aluminium flange housing
– 19“ rack mount module